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Renter's InsuranceEven if you aren’t a homeowner, you may still want to consider insurance for any property that holds your possessions. A rented space is still prone to many of the same risks that a home under your name would be, such as property damage and theft.

Whether it’s an apartment or an entire house that you’re renting, you’ve likely filled it with your belongings. Make sure these items are accounted for and protected. Even if your landlord has insurance, that coverage likely only extends to the building itself and not what it holds within it. Many Crosby landlords likely require that you have a renters insurance plan.

Protect Your Things, Protect Yourself

Security is important for your personal items in case of natural disaster, break-ins, vandalism, or fire, but you want to be safe from liability, too. Renters insurance can protect you from any lawsuits that may ensue if someone gets injured on your rental property. When signing up for renters insurance, you could be protecting more than just your material things.

Perhaps most importantly, renters insurance doesn’t have to cost you much. We can help to find you a reasonable plan that covers all the bases. Call Marek Insurance Agency to discover what type of insurance plan we can craft to protect you and yours in your rented space.

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