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Accidents happen. In life and, sometimes, on the job. At Marek Workers CompensationInsurance Agency, we work to protect Crosby business owners and their employees from legal liability, medical expenses, and lost wages caused by on-the-job accidents.

For many businesses, carrying this type of insurance is mandatory. Workers’ comp can protect companies from being sued by employees, and, keep in mind that a serious injury claim could potentially bankrupt a small business.

On the other side, an employee who loses wages or has to cover medical bills from and injury incurred on the job may have their finances bled out. With workers compensation, eliminate the risk of messy lawsuits and ensure that employees have the best financial protection and medical care.

Do You Need Workers Comp?

Workers Compensation is a state-mandated program that looks to ensure the safety of both business owners and the workers on their team. Most states require a workers’ compensation insurance policy. In Texas, private employers are required to have workers’ compensation insurance if they contract with government agencies. If you fall into this category in Crosby, TX, come talk to us and we’ll help you get the set up you need.

What Your Workers Comp Can Cover:

  • Medical bills from work-related incidents
  • Lost wages for injured employees required to miss work
  • Lawsuits and other legal costs from liability cases
  • Other related economic losses

Make sure that you are well educated on your needs and coverage before purchasing a workers compensation plan. At Marek Insurance Agency, we’re happy to guide you in finding the plan that you need. Our workers compensation plans are cost-effective and protect the workplace. Call us today to learn more or talk quotes.

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