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Commercial Auto InsuranceIf driving a vehicle is an integral part of your career, it is probably a good idea to get commercial auto insurance. Auto accidents can occur even when you are driving responsibly, so it is important to have an auto insurance with the right coverage in the right place for if this happens.

What Kind of Auto Usage Merits Commercial Auto Insurance?

If you conduct a service using your vehicle, travel with product or paying customers in your vehicle, or have employees who drive your vehicle,  a commercial auto policy may be necessary for you. Under these circumstances, you take on much more risk than when operating your personal automobile. With this type of more business-specific auto insurance, there are a handful of factors that can help in determining the level of coverage you need.

Consider the following:

  • The number of commercial vehicles you are insuring
  • Who is operating those commercial vehicles
  • The type of business the vehicles are being used for

Where Are You Covered?

With commercial auto insurance, you can expect to have collision and comprehensive insurance. You can also expect protection of property and personal injury related to your auto activities. You can ensure that drivers who may be underinsured or uninsured are still covered when operating company vehicles. Overall, the liabilities you take on with commercial vehicles will be covered when you hold a commercial auto policy.

At Marek Insurance Agency, we are happy to offer commercial auto insurance packages that consider all variables and satisfy the individual demands of commercial drivers in and around Crosby, TX. We can design a commercial auto insurance plan that protects your commercial vehicle, safeguards the financial integrity of your business, and helps you avoid complicated and costly disputes. If your cars are an integral part of your business, make sure they are also an insured part of your business.

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